Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chai Tea

This recipe comes from my sister. She and her husband spent 2 years in Kenya with the Peace Corps and introduced me to it well before it became a trendy drink to have. It's...pretty flexible. Below are the basic ingredients, you mix them to your taste. I put what I usually do in parentheses. Also, I make a large batch of just the tea and just store it in the fridge mix in the milk & sugar when I want a cup.

Chai Tea

Black tea leaves (I usually do enough to fill a tea diffuser)
Cinnamon sticks (2-3 sticks)
Cardamom, whole (4 or 5 pods, crack them open)
Ginger (about...1 tsp, diced)
Sugar, to taste

Steep tea and spices in proper amount of water to brew strong tea. Strain out spices and tea leaves (if you don't use a diffuser). Serve half and half with milk or cream. Add sugar to taste.

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